Warrior Alpha DX Pro Hockey Stick

Warrior released the second iteration of its Alpha DX hockey stick line, which offers top-tier performance without a high price tag. The product was released sometime after the original Alpha DX, incorporating four different technologies in its build – most notably in the shaft and blade construction.

And while the stick was released almost two years ago in 2019, it remains widely popular even today. It’s especially sought after among players looking for an elite-level performance on an affordable hockey stick. So, if you’re in the market for a new hockey stick, the Warrior Alpha DX Pro might be the product you’re after.

Still, we advise you to read through our review before purchasing this particular product. This review aims to provide you with comprehensive information about the product so that you can make an educated purchase.


The Alpha DX Pro hockey stick bears its “Pro” label since it’s used by the professional hockey leagues other than NHL. It’s an actual one-piece hockey stick with a mid-low flex point that comes in various categories, catering to Junior, Intermediate, and Senior hockey players. As such, it features a broad range of lengths, flexes, and blade patterns that accommodate different categories.

  • Weight: 440 grams (Senior)
  • Available lengths (in): 51, 57, 63
  • Flex-profile: low-kick
  • Available flexes: 40, 50, 55, 63, 65, 75, 85, 100, 110

The weight stated in this review is measured on a 63” 85 flex Senior-category hockey stick with a W03-pattern blade. As expected, different lengths and flexes correspond to different categories. You can, if necessary, shorten the hockey stick to fit your needs, but you must account for the changes in flex. Remember that shortening the stick increases the flex.


The Alpha DX Pro brings almost no improvements over its predecessor, despite its “Pro” label. But yet again, the manufacturer purposefully didn’t make a better stick. It just made it different.

The original Alpha DX was, and still is, one of NHL players’ best hockey sticks. But Warrior wanted to offer the same level of performance to players from other leagues, but at a lower cost. Of course, a trade-off was made, and the lower price tag comes at a higher cost – pun fully intended. The Alpha DX Pro weighs approx. 50g more than the original Alpha DX hockey stick.

Let’s look at the Alpha DX Pro hockey stick’s structural design and discuss its impact on the stick’s performance.

Warrior Alpha DX Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick


Alpha DX Pro’s shaft is a game in its own right and uses three out of four technologies mentioned above in its build. For construction, Warrior used their most advanced version of True 1 Phantom technology, which creates a balanced and lightweight feel. It maximizes control and responsiveness of the stick for all in-game situations you might find yourself in.

For the construction material, Warrior used Minimus Carbon 1000D instead of Minimus Carbon 1400D, which is featured on the original Alpha DX hockey stick. The fibers are flat-woven and provide exceptional strength, durability, and energy transfer but weigh slightly more than Minimus Carbon 1400D. However, with the True 1 Phantom Feel, the added 50-grams weight is barely noticeable.

The shaft’s top is adorned with the Apex Grip, which provides a tacky surface to help secure the stick in your hands. The bottom part of the shaft features the Sabre taper with a mid-low flex profile Warrior’s hockey sticks are known for. It provides the strength and power of a mid-kick flex, with a speed release of a lower-kick stick.

Thanks to its structural design and unique taper, Alpha DX Pro allows you to load your shot quickly and release it with incredible power, speed, and accuracy.


You might’ve heard about the Alpha DX Pro’s enhanced feel thanks to the redesigned FuelCore blade. Older iterations of Alpha had a softened core which provided incredible feel and power at the cost of a shot’s pop. However, Warrior decided to take a different approach to the FuelCore blade on the Alpha DX Pro.

The blade’s core is now stiffer than other Alphas’ to increase the pop but still soft enough to provide the puck’s extensive feel. It’s made of lightweight polymer wrapped with the Minimus Carbon 1000D composite fibers, which stiffens the blade and gives it exceptional durability.

Warrior Alpha DX Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick


Let’s start from the top. The stick features an Ergo shaft shape, which allows it to sit nicely in the palm of your hands. Its rounded edges and concave walls feel fantastic, especially if you’re not a fan of boxy sticks.

Additionally, the Apex grip allows you to grip the stick’s shaft firmly without limiting any mobility. Admittedly, it’s not the tackiest of grips, so you’ll have to add more grip to it by yourself if necessary. Of course, you can always opt for a clear grip finish if you want to.

The True 1 Phantom construction with Minimus Carbon 1000 performs really well and doesn’t feel heavy, thanks to a well-balanced design. The material does a fantastic job of loading and transferring energy, provides responsiveness and consistency thanks to the flatweave dynamic design.

The Sabre taper plays its part as well, as it provides an incredible balance between quick-release and shot power, providing you with ultimate versatility on ice. It doesn’t twist or bend in any way it shouldn’t, which attributes to shots accuracy.

Overall, despite its weight, the stick is very well-balanced and performs as you would expect from a budget-friendly version of the Alpha DX hockey stick.


  • It feels lighter than it is
  • Great puck feel and control
  • Durable


  • Not really a power-shooter


Warrior Alpha DX Pro is engineered with versatility in mind, as it aims to be a balance point between quick- and power-shots. And though it falls a bit short in the power segment, it still retains its pro-level performance that comes at an accessible price.

This affordably-priced high-performer is best suited for athletes that play 3-4 times a week and desire to sharpen their competitive edge.

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