Masters hockey

The Masters Committee was established in 2012 to create more playing opportunities for all Masters within the East Region.  There are now representative squads for all EHB Men’s and Women’s Regional Tournaments; a Midweek Men’s Masters League in the Bedford area, with others planned; and a growing number of Men’s County Cup competitions. Restoration of the East Mens Veterans League is an objective.


Masters County Tournaments
21/02/2018: The Mens Over 40s and Over 50s and the Ladies Over 40s County Championships will take place this March. The Mens finals will be on March 25th at Bedford HC and the Ladies on March 18th at Culford School. More…


Competition Diary

Regional Tournaments
 Men Over 40’s   2nd & 3rd June 2018  Chelmsford HC
Nick Jerman 07769 975195 and Nick Wilyman 07545 841940
 Men Over 45’s   12/13th May 2018  Wakefield HC
Andy Swindin 07881 526606(M)
 Men Over 50’s   2nd/3rd June 2018  Leeds University
Michael Anderson 07768 362214(M) and Matthew Leedham 07787 574244(M)
 Men Over 55’s   12/13th May 2018  Bath HC
Martin Collcott, 07583 399553(M)
 Men Over 60’s   28th-29th April 2018   Cannock HC
Graham Welch 01923 232731 (h) 07759417518 (m)
 Men Over 65’s   28/29th April 2018  Cannock HC
Chris Blake 07836 315679(M); Roger Girling 07940 823691 (M)
 Men Over 70’s   28/29th April 2018  Sheffield HC
Mike Surridge 07936 152066(M)
 Men Over 75’s  14/15th April  Kettering HC
 Women Over 40’s   19/20th May 2018  Cannock HC
Pippa Bull 07528858325 (M)
 Women Over 45’s   19/20th May 2018  Cannock HC
Pippa Bull 07528 858325 (M)
 Women Over 50’s   12/13th May 2018  Olton & West Warwicks HC
Pippa Bull 07528 858325 (M)
 Women Over 55’s   19/20th May 2018  Old Loughtonians HC
Pippa Bull 07528 858325 (M)
 Women Over 60’s   12/13th May 2018  Basingstoke HC
Sally Tippen 01223 880728(H) 07866 197752(M)

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