CCM Jetspeed FT2 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Despite the release of the JetSpeed FT3 in July 2020, the JetSpeed FT2 hockey stick remains a strong choice for many hockey players. Released in 2019, it brought several improvements over its successful predecessor, thanks to the concoction of newly developed technologies.

The JetSpeed FT1 achieved massive success as a professional-level stick in a short time after its release. Without anything to fix on the FT1, CCM sought to improve it, leading to the birth of the legend – the JetSpeed FT2 hockey stick.

But what technological advancements and structural changes made JetSpeed FT2 one of the most sought-after hockey sticks, even today? We’ll answer that question in this article as we dive into the structural analysis of JetSpeed FT2 and its performance on the ice.

Please read our review for more information about CCM’s JetSpeed FT2 hockey stick.


The JetSpeed FT2 is a hybrid kick point hockey stick aimed at the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior categories of hockey players. It’s a one-piece composite stick that emphasizes versatility, and control, bridging the gap between quick-release and power-shots.

The stick is available in various lengths ranging from 49″ to 62″, which is appropriate for hockey players of different age groups and different play styles. Needless to say, the different flaxes correspond and might be limited to specific lengths. Here’s a generalized list of specifications:

  • Weight: 410 grams (Senior 85 flex)
  • Available lengths (in): 49, 52, 55, 57, 60, 62
  • Flex-profile: Hybrid-flex
  • Available flexes: 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 85, 95


As we previously stated, the FT2 features a plethora of improvements throughout the entire stick. Everything from the shaft to the blade was completely redesigned with versatility in mind to create a stick for every playstyle, position, and situation.

CCM teamed up with Sigmatex, the world’s leading carbon fiber manufacturers, to create the Sigmatex ST – a carbon fiber specially designed for CCM’s applications. These fibers are thinner and more delicate than the fibers on previous models, which allowed CCM to pack them more densely throughout the stick’s construction.

When you add CCM’s proprietary X-Flow molding technology as the final piece of the puzzle, you get an extremely durable yet lightweight hockey stick. This type of technology eliminates any inconsistencies inside the molding material, increasing the durability of JetSpeed FT2.

The combination of 18K carbon fibers with the X-Flow resin technology improved the JetSpeed FT2 in several ways. The sticks in approx. 15 grams lighter than its predecessor while featuring more outstanding durability, better energy transfer, and enhanced feel.


The shaft features CCM’s R-geometry, with double-concave walls, rounded corners, and concave sides, making it more comfortable to hold. It feels less “boxy” in your palms, especially if you compare it with other, older hockey sticks in recent history.

These changes to the shaft’s geometry aren’t for nothing; they improve energy transfer and enhance the feel for better control during shooting or stickhandling. But improved geometry isn’t the only ace up its sleeve, and JetSpeed FT2 has a lot more to offer.

The JetSpeed FT2 hockey stick delivers a refined hybrid kick point, which places the stiffer flex zone between two softer flex zones. This creates a hinge-like effect that provides both devastating power and rapid release. It significantly increases the stick’s versatility, as it can act as a low-kick stick or one with a mid-flex profile.


Over the years, CCM has experimented, developed, and perfected the hollow blade cores on their hockey sticks. The SpeedBlade line featuring hollow cores resulted from CCM’s pursuit for perfection, as it performed better than expected. But that was almost a decade ago.

Today, CCM uses dampening materials inside their blades, which proved to be another success. They shifted the dampening material from the face to the once-hollow channels inside the core, which dramatically improved puck feel during play. Luckily, these improvements didn’t sacrifice any of the JetSpeed’s signature stiffness and pop.

The blade is also reinforced toe-to-heel, increasing its resistance to wear and delivering optimized performance and longer life expectancy.


In the rink, the JetSpeed FT2 performs as expected from the professional-level hockey stick. Its design and features work exceptionally well for forwards that love to stickhandle and shift things up in tight spaces. But it also works for defensemen and their heavy slap and wrist shots.

Its hybrid flex point and JF-80 blade stand out the most. Though reinforced against standard wear and tear, the blade’s reduced weight balances well with the stick’s shaft, allowing a good feel and precision control.

Additionally, the hybrid flex brings versatility on the ice. Placing your bottom hand on the shaft maximized energy loading for powerful shots, like in a mid-kick hockey stick. Similarly, placing the bottom hand higher on the shaft prioritizes quicker release speed by flexing the stick lower towards the JF-80 blade.

We couldn’t find any drawbacks considering the JetSpeed FT2’s overall performance, availability of lengths and patterns, and price bracket. Some would argue against insufficient weight reduction, considering that competitive manufacturers now aim for the sub-400-gram categories.

However, considering the stick’s performance and well-balanced build, those arguments are not as valid as they may sound.


  • Available in Junior, Intermediate, and Senior
  • Variety of lengths and flexes
  • Hybrid kick-point increases versatility
  • Well-balanced


  • None at its price point


In summary, the JetSpeed FT2 owes its greatness to several different aspects. The sheer availability of various lengths and blade patterns is staggering, putting to shame many other competitive manufacturers.

Additionally, its performance on the ice is exceptional, as it can work as both a low-kick and mid-kick stick, catering to both forwards and defensemen. The stick is responsive and feels well, encapsulating both power and quick release and everything in between.

Lastly, its reasonably accessible price across all categories allows you to purchase a professional-performing hockey stick at a fraction cost of current competitive models. Not many hockey sticks on the market can beat the performance-price ratio of the JetSpeed FT2.

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