Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Hockey Stick Review

There was an empty space in performance between Bauer’s Vapor and Supreme lines, prompting Bauer to bridge that gap. The result was the Bauer’s Nexus line, which had its ups and downs during development and few releases. However, Bauer managed to hit the sweet spot with their Nexus N1 hockey stick, which quickly became the NHL favorite for several seasons.

We introduce you to the Bauer Nexus N2 Pro, a successor of the Nexus N1 hockey stick. It’s a 5th generation Nexus hockey stick, which transcended the middle ground and joined the pantheon of all-round performers.

So, if you’re in the market for a versatile and high-quality, elite-level hockey stick, read through our review. We’ll discuss what exactly makes the Bauer Nexus N2 Pro into a fantastic hockey stick so that you may purchase it freely, knowing ahead what to expect.


Designed as a middle-ground between speed and power, the Nexus 2N is available for Youth, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior player categories. Its lengths vary across classes, going from 46” to 64”, making it appropriate for hockey players of all ages, sizes, and play styles.

  • Weight: 410 grams (Senior)
  • Available lengths (in): 46, 52, 54, 57, 60, 64 (extended)
  • Flex-profile: mid-kick
  • Available flexes: 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 77, 87, 102

The specifications stated in this section are measured on a 60” 87 flex Senior-category hockey stick with a P92 blade pattern. Bauer Hockey tests all flexes at standard 60” sticks, so if you want an extended 64” hockey stick; you might want to jump up a flex.


Before we go into details and technological processes Bauer used to create the Nexus N2 Pro, it’s important to discuss its construction. The N2 Pro is a two-piece hockey stick, but the shaft and the blade are fused into a one-piece stick. This means that the blade and the shaft use slightly different materials in their build.

With that said, Bauer developed an advanced fusion technique that allows them to fuse the blade to the shaft with very little added material. This allows the N2 Pro to perform as an authentic Monocomp-1 piece, which is why it’s still regarded as an OPS hockey stick.

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Hockey Stick Review


Bauer used two of its proprietary technologies to create this stick, which gives the N2 Pro its fantastic performance. However, they also added the improved Control shaft geometry with rounded corners for better grip and control.

The shaft’s filler material is Bauer’s TeXtreme 18K carbon fiber, paired with the DuraFlex resin matrix to create the composite. These fibers are thinner and more compressed, layered in a pattern that optimizes energy transfer and increases durability. It makes the stick reasonably durable while shaving down 15 grams of the stick’s overall weight.

DuraFlex resin system binds the fibers and provides the stick with more flexural strength and durability. It’s designed to withstand massive flexures, flexural stress, and impacts hockey sticks suffer in today’s game, enhancing the mechanical properties of the shaft’s material. Also, it allows for better overall consistency throughout the shaft, which significantly enhances energy transfer and feel. Transitioning towards the blade, the N2 Pro features an Easy Load taper with the Sweet-Spot flex profile that’s unique to the Nexus line. This mid-kick profile allows players to perform quick release shots and output more powerful shots if necessary.


Nexus N2 Pro features an R-Lite blade which was featured on an N1 hockey stick, and refined it to fit the N2 Pro better. The improved blade has the same 1X core as N1 did, but this one has a fiber-reinforced rubberized dampening layer between the outer carbon fiber layer and its core.

This is probably one of the most complicated blades Bauer ever built, as it uses the same TeXtreme fibers as the shaft but with a twist. The blade’s fibers are arranged using Bauer’s proprietary Advanced Carbon Layering technology, allowing thinner fibers to offer more durability. These are bonded by the eLASTech resin, which increases the stiffness and durability of the blade. The stiffer outer layer ensures the blade’s accuracy, while its dampening layers and core soften the puck’s impact to maintain the stick’s responsiveness.

Bauer Nexus 2N Pro Hockey Stick Review


Bauer Nexus N2 Pro doesn’t disappoint. The entirety of the stick feels incredibly light, thanks to the materials used in construction and the raised balance point. TeXtreme and DuraFlex within the shaft allow the stick to remain lightweight without sacrificed durability, allowing the shaft to withstand some punishment on ice.

The Easy-Load taper with a mid-flex point allows players to load the stick quickly and generate enough power for devastating shots. However, the stick can still operate as a low-to-mid kick if you ever need to release the puck quickly or simply pass it along.

The blade is the most worrying aspect of this stick, as it represents a double-edged sword – and one edge always cuts the wielder. TeXtreme 18K carbon fibers are incredibly thin to warrant any exceptional durability without adding weight to the blade. That’s precisely why Bauer paired it with ACL’s optimized pattern layering and eLASTech resin – to provide the carbon with flexural strength and impact resistance.

Unfortunately, the R-Lite blade on the N2 Pro suffers durability issues. These durability issues are minor and rarely ever happen, given proper and reasonable use. In other words, they do exist – but they’re highly improbable, and shouldn’t be a determining factor when purchasing this, otherwise fantastic hockey stick.


  • Great-quality materials
  • 18K TeXtreme carbon fibers
  • SweetSpot Flex profile
  • Durable and responsive


  • P92M blade only fits tall players
  • The blade is slightly less durable than on competitive models


Bauer Nexus N2 Pro is a fantastic overall performer, with both quick release and power in its arsenal. It’s durable, provides a good feel and responsiveness, offering a forgiving flex profile that allows for easier shooting. If you like the Nexus N1, or you’re thinking about buying a new hockey stick, give Nexus N2 Pro a shot – it will not disappoint.

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